Top Places to visit Kashmir

Top Places to visit Kashmir



Top Places to visit Kashmir

Jan 25,2022

Top Places to visit Kashmir - The place leading to Kashmir is commonly known as 'Heaven on Earth'. Kashmir is replete with general grandeur that evokes the believable energy of the Kashmir Valley. The saffron fields, wonderful valleys, amazing views over the mountains, and rippling streams and forests are some of the most incredible in Kashmir.
Kashmir is an exceptional destination for couples who want to spend their vacation or a family who wants to be in an exclusive setting.
There are so many top places to visit in Kashmir that can make your excursion a perfect destination.
Kashmir is also famous among the strict explorers who visit the famous Amarnath cave dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kashmir can be considered an ideal destination for a wide range of travelers seeking a complete excursion. You can either make travel arrangements alone or you can decide to buy Kashmir Opportunity Package for yourself or your family. You can generally consult a travel planner to reschedule your trip.

List of the Top 10 Places to Visit Kashmir

The whole of Kashmir is exceptionally wonderful but there are many places in Kashmir that can make your trip worth the effort. These spots look exceptionally lovely and are open in April as there is basically no snow this month. Today we will examine those places -


Srinagar looks like a whole bundle of Kashmir. It has everything to serve travel, skiing, bird watching, blossom, and some other sightseeing. The people of the locality call this place the mirror of the mountains. The reason is that all the seers who travel to Kashmir reach this place first. More data: 10 best places to visit in Srinagar. As it has an air terminal and wide range of different places are very close to it. It is the largest city in the entire state and is exceptionally popular for Dal Lake. 


The name of the actual place infers the primacy. This place is famous for the glitter of gold. Sona in India means gold. The slope station is full of mountains. You can appreciate the limitless travel here and open up a pleasant perspective on Kashmir. The air of opportunity is extremely calm and is generally known for its heart-stopping approach. It looks like snow to the eyes. April is the best place to visit Sonmarg as the valley is full of colorful flowers during this month.

Vaishno Devi

Vaishnodevi is one of the extraordinarily famous sanctuaries of India. It is a symbolic sanctuary of a Hindu mother. The people of India regularly refer to the goddess as Mata. You have to first go to Katra by rail or transport. From that point forward, it is a very long journey to reach the sanctuary. Houses and shops have been set up along the roads. Similarly, there are other modes of transport like a helicopter, horse, gondola, etc.


This idyllic place extends its borders to Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. It is otherwise called a Sufi place as various Pir altars of Sufi Baba are present here. This place has an extraordinarily deep history attached to it. Hence history-lovers must visit this place and interact with the locals. They will tell you shocking stories of Kathua. Also, Kathua is situated along a waterway and offers stunning landscapes and stunning views.


Gulmarg is the Switzerland of India. After Switzerland, you'll probably track most of the snow here as it was. In winter, this place is covered with snow all around. Anyway, during the long period of April, the whole place is filled with vibrant flowers. Accordingly, it is otherwise called a mound of flowers. This place provides world-famous gondola administration. It can be reached here in two winters just like in summer. The entire ride will probably give you the best view of the valley overall.


Kupwara is another exceptionally wonderful valley of Kashmir. It is about 90 km away from the state capital, Srinagar. You can reach Kupwara by taxi or transport. On some occasions, there are unusually unusual transports as it were. This place is full of high mountains and bunches of trees. If there are loads of extremely certain scenarios and best outlook in the period of April

Hagan valley

Earlier it was known as Hagan Valley. Anyway, the valley got its new name in the wake of the super howl Bollywood flick Betaab. The shooting of the film took place here. You will feel lost here because of the general landscape in this valley. The month of April is full of wilderness and astonishing weather. The valley is not big enough to last more than seven days.


Kashmir, known as 'heaven on earth', is a real nod to this title during the colder times of the year. From the likes of Harissa to the exciting heli-ski and other experience sports, Kashmir has countless pleasures in winter for those who intend to visit the valley during the colder months. No matter whether it is your family trip, special night out, or excursion with companions, you must plan a trip to Kashmir.