Registration and Sign-In

What is the registration process?

Click on "Login or Create Account"on our website and you just need to follow the instructions thereafter.

What is in it for me?

You get the best available deals, lowest fares, options for holiday packages and much more. It also saves your time to enter your details over and over again.

What if I’ve forgotten my password?

All you need to do is click on the Forgot Password link and we will send you an instructions to reset your password.


What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket is nothing more than a reservation in an airline’s computer system, one that advises them you have a ticketed seat confirmed on a particular flight.There are no physical documents involved. It ensures hassle free travel; you can travel without the fear of losing or misplacing the ticket. You just need to carry a print out of your e-ticket along with a valid photo ID while checking in for your flight.

What is the proof of confirmation of an e-ticket?

Once an e-ticket is purchased, confirmation of the booking and payment is received on the registered email ID and mobile number along with the ticket details.

Is it possible to book a multi-city trip?

Yes, you can book domestic as well as international multi-city trips on our website.

How many seats can I book in a single transaction?

A maximum of 9 seats can be booked in a single transaction. If you need to book for more than 9 travelers you will have to go through the entire booking process again for the additional travelers.

How can I make a group booking?

You need to write to us on [email protected] your requirement and we will assist you with your travel plan.

How should I re-confirm or verify my flight reservation/booking?

To verify or re-confirm that your reservation/booking, you can contact the airline directly or write to us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can also call us.

Where can I find the fare rules?

The fare rules are available online while you make the booking; alternatively you can also call our support team for the same.

What documents are termed as valid and are required for your travel?

While travelling the following documents will be required:

International Travel
Copy of the e-ticket.
Passport and valid Visa in case of foreign trips.

Domestic Travel
Government issued valid photo identification like passport, pan card or Aadhar card for Indian Nationals.
Foreign nationals have to hold a valid passport.

Can I do a name change if I made a mistake while booking?

Most of the Airlines do not accept name change requests.Some airlines will allow you to change the name on your reservation because of a spelling mistake and will normally charge you an administration fee to do so, but airline won't allow you to transfer your flight to somebody else.

What if I want to change my travel plan?

You can rescheduled your flight ticket by calling us however there will be a change fees which differ from airline to airline.

How do I cancel my ticket?

You can cancel your flight ticket online or by calling us however there will be a cancelation fees which differ from airline to airline.

What are good to know rules?

Some very important information that every passenger should know are:

  • Any domestic schedule change should be made at least 48 hours prior to the departure time.
  • Please verify the name of the passenger thoroughly; nicknames or alias should not be used as name changes are not permitted.
  • For international travel the name on the reservation should match perfectly as per the passenger’s passport.

What if the flight has been cancelled directly by the airline? Am I eligible for a refund?

Yes, you are eligible for a refund. A full refund can be processed only post verification and approval from the concerned airline and with the applicable bank charges to the original form of payment. However, if Airline denied the refund than we are not liable to pay your money and for that we request you have to contact respective airline directly.

Are there any service charges?

Yes, we do levy a nominal fee for cancellation and amendments. Domestic cancellation and amendments: INR 300 per person per sector International cancellation and amendments: INR 600 per person. Moreover service fee which u paid at the time of booking was non-refundable.

What is the latest time frame till which I can cancel my flight and what is the amount I am eligible for?

You need to cancel your flight not less than 24hrs prior to departure. Cancellation charges are applicable as per the respective airline’s fare rules. In case the cancellation is within 24hrs you will have to contact the airline directly. The amount of the refund however depends on the fare rules, also note that in case of non-refundable fares there will not be any refund due.

When will I get my refund?

Refunds are processed within 24hrs from the receipt of the cancelation request; however, it could take a minimum of 3 business days and a maximum of 14 business days for the refund to reflect in your bank account, depending on your banks policy.


How many persons are allowed to stay in one room?

Generally, only two persons are allowed to stay in a double occupancy room. However; most hotels let additional guests (up to a permissible number only) stay in the same room at an extra charge. It is advisable that you check with the hotel to avoid cancellation due to overbooking.

If there are children travelling with us, do they stay for free?

You will need to enter the number of children (2 to 12 years of age) along with the number of adults while making a search for your hotel. Our search results will display accordingly. If the children stay for free there will be no extra bed provided by the hotel. Most hotels do not charge for children less than 5 years. Children above the age of 12 are considered as adults.

Will I receive a confirmation for my booking?

Yes. You will receive an email and SMS confirmation along with the hotel voucher on the email ID entered at the time of booking. Soft copies of the hotel voucher received on your mobile will also be accepted by your hotel in case you are unable to carry a physical print out.

Do I need to carry the hotel voucher to check in to my hotel?

Yes. You will need to have a physical or soft copy of your hotel voucher in order to check-in.

Do we need to carry photo-IDs to check-in to the hotel?

Yes. Photo IDs are a mandatory requirement by all hotels for check-in. You may carry your Voter ID, Driving License or Passport for this purpose. Generally, hotels ask all guests for their photo IDs. Hotels reserve the right to deny admission incase the guest is a localite (belongs to the same city)OR if the said guests pose as a couple and are unable to present any suitable proof of identification to validate the same.


What are the advantages of purchasing a bus ticket with DreamTravelYaari?

Some of the best advantages for booking with us are:

  • You can choose your seat
  • You can choose from over 1500+ bus operators
  • You can choose from buses based on boarding points, timing and bus type

Does booking online cost me more?

Booking bus ticket online with us is always cheaper rather than booking directly through a bus operator.

Is it mandatory to show the printout of the ticket while boarding?

It depends on the bus operator. For operators that do not support e-Tickets it is a must to take a printout of the e-ticket and produce it at the time of boarding. The e-ticket is sent to the e-mail ID provided at the time of boarding.

How do I cancel my ticket?

You can cancel your ticket online. However please note that the cancellation fee and cancellation period may differ for specific bus services. Please contact any of our executives for cancellation details on any specific service.

How can I get a refund in case I cancel my ticket?

The refund is provided as per with our cancellation policy. The refund can be credited to the source of payment.


What does holiday package means?

It’s a product which takes care of your flights, hotels, sightseeing, travel insurance, transfers and visa’s if required into one price. However it’s not necessary every holiday package includes all above services, it completely depends upon the inclusion and exclusion of the package you are planning to book.

How do I book a holiday package through DreamTravelYaari?

You just need to share your requirements on our website or via email and one of our specialist will provide you the best quotes in response to your request. You can choose the one that suits you the best and book your trip by making the payment.

Will I need a passport?

Passports are needed when travelling outside of your home country. Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the conclusion of your trip.

Can I modify my travel plan once the booking is done?

You can always modify your travel plans by contact us. Additional charges may apply & these charges will be borne by you.

Can I make partial payments for holidays packages?

Yes, you can make partial payments depending on the type of package you selected or the time of your booking. In peak seasons some hotels may ask for 100% Booking confirmation amount to confirm the bookings or certain activities may be charged full in advance.

What if I would like to cancel my holiday package?

You can cancel your package by contacting us. Cancellation charges may apply & these charges will be borne by you.

Do you give Invoice & Vouchers as soon as you receive full payments?

Invoice takes usually 3-4 working days after the full payments. Vouchers are normally provided 7 days before the travel date.

Do I need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for peace of mind before and during your trip. It’s important that you protect yourself in case of trip cancellations, baggage delays or loss of baggage, and medical expenses.


What is visa?

A visa is an official document that allows to legally enter a foreign country. Travel visas allow the bearer to enter a foreign country for touristic and leisure purposes only and stay for a predetermined amount of time.

Do I need a visa for travel?

It depends. An Indian citizen will get benefit from many favorable travel arrangements with countries around the world. For several countries, you will need a valid travel visa in order to enter.

What are the different types of visa?

  • Transit visa - for passing through the country to a destination outside that country
  • Short-stay or visitor visa- for short visits to the host country
  • Tourist visa - for a limited period of leisure travel, no business activities allowed
  • Visa for medical reasons- for undertaking diagnostics or a course of treatment in the host country's hospitals
  • Business visa - for engaging in commerce in the country
  • Residence visa – for people obtaining long-term residence in the host country
  • Immigrant visa - for those intending to immigrate to the issuing country
  • On-arrival visa (also known as visa on arrival), granted at a port of entry
  • Electronic visa - the visa is stored in a computer and is electronically tied to the passport number; no label, sticker or stamp is placed in the passport before travel

Does it cost to have a visa processed?

It depends from country to country.

How long will the process take to process visa?

This depends on the country you’re visiting. Some visas will be issued the same day; others can take weeks (or even months) to process.

How do I apply a travel visa?

By submitting basic documents like:

  • Valid passport
  • Completed visa application
  • Passport/visa size photos
  • Payment of required fees
  • In some cases, additional identification such as a driver’s license, birth certificate, or bank statement showing that you the necessary funds to complete your journey. Some countries require a copy of your travel ticket

Payment Options

What payment options are available with DreamTravelYaari?

There are multiple payment options you can make payment through credit and debit cards, net banking, UPI and mobile wallets.

Can I Pay by cash?

Currently, we do not accept cash payments. However you can transfer the funds in our bank account using net banking.

How safe is my payment information with DreamTravelYaari?

Security is our top priority and to safeguard your information. All data transmitted over the browser is encrypted.

While I was paying my session got expired. May I know why?

Your session expired due to security reasons. This happens when you take too long to make the payment and done manage it in the specified amount of time. Please go back to the booking page and start over.

Can I use two different card for making payment?

Unfortunately, currently you can only use 1 card as a payment option.

Can I save my card details in my account?

Yes, you may save your credit card details like card number, name on card, expiry date, billing address to avoid filling these details every time you book a ticket. Thus whenever you wish to pay with your stored card simply choose 'Pay by using Previous Used Card' as a payment option.

Ticket has not been booked, but my money is deducted, what do I do now?

Please do not panic. Your money is safe with us. Please call us and our customer care executive will assist you with your booking.